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What is a Emerald Green Thuja Tree and why do I want one?

For dense evergreen hedge that holds its rich colors and sturdy form throughout the seasons, the Emerald green arborvitae is an excellent choice. A highly adaptable Thuja, it thrives in the crazy "Cincinnati" weather! These trees start off around 2-3 feet but quickly reach anywhere between 8-12 feet tall! If you are looking for a cost efficient low maintenance tree this tree is perfect!

Bonus Benefits of the Emerald Green Thuja

  • Keeps its deep emerald color through the winter

  • Emerald green arborvitae tolerates dry spells or heavy rainfall

  • An especially great shrub for taller hedges or screens provides a great privacy fence

  • Ideal for small yards and other tight areas

  • Low Maintenance and upkeep

  • Cost Efficient

Give us a call today 513-295-8607 to get your emerald Green Thuja Tree installed now!

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