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Why is my Rose Bush a THORN in my life???

Oh Roses, why must you be so complicated? I hear all the time that some people have the best of luck with their rose bush and then others don't. The main culprit here is the SUN!

Roses not only love the sun, they NEED it! Where is your rose bush now? IS it somewhere receiving 6 hours of full sun a day? Morning sun is a roses favorite as it helps dry up the moisture it accumulated over night.

Another issue may be is it too wet? Roses like to have a tease of water but don't want to drown it it. So proper drainage is super important to roses.

Check these things out and if you are still having an issue give us a call and we will help out.

Don't have a rose bush? Then what are you waiting for? With tons of different options for style and color there is almost no room for disappointment


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